Message from The Head of School

I am honoured to be the Head of School for Eden International School where we are now able to offer continuing education to our children from the moment they join us in our Nursery School until the end of their Primary School Journey. It is an unparalleled opportunity to partake in the design and delivery of education specifically tailored to meet the needs of Families within East-Legon in the early 21st Century.


At Eden, tradition meets innovation every day through a combination of excellent, motivational staff and exposure to digital learning which is adaptive and prescriptive scheduling intervention program delivering the curriculum.

The 'Old fashioned' values of etiquette and manners, understanding of one another, Team Spirit, Self-discipline, concern for, as well as taking responsibility for one's own action, are the guiding tools children are equipped with.


We will provide an educational experience which builds on strong academic principles underpinned by strong Christian values, while constantly responding to the requirements of our fast-changing world.


As part of the Eden School, our Primary School will have a wealth of experience and resources to build from. Excellent academic achievement delivered through the highest quality teaching will be the cornerstone of our education.


We will also continue Eden schools' tradition of promoting family values: We hope that many Families will be actively engaged in the education of their children, and we will respond in turn, by being flexible, understanding, and receptive to the requirements of the families and the community at large.


I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your aspirations for your children, and the hopes and requirements you have for their education


Audrey Agyemang

Head of School, Eden Group of schools

Eden international School

Primary School, East Legon

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