Our School is  set in its own grounds in East Legon educating and caring for children aged 6 months to 11 years.


Our classrooms are clean, light and airy. The school is well resourced in order to meet the needs of the curriculum. Our curriculum is broadly based on the English National Curriculum however, we ensure that our curriculum does reflect the needs of our school’s rich culture of diversity  and, of course, our home country Ghana.


The Early Years

The emphasis in the Early Years is on active learning through play, allowing the children to develop and reach their potential by working at their own level and pace. Our aim is to create an atmosphere in which the children are encouraged to be self-motivated, curious and confident in themselves and their work and to take pride in their achievements. The Early Years is designed to provide a happy, purposeful introduction to school life.


Pre-Nursery ( the Creche – 6months – 2 years), Nursery(2/3 years), and Reception (4/5 years). An integrated early education is provided, gearing the children towards Year 1 of the English National Curriculum.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The curriculum in the Early Years is based on the English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS), which provides a framework for the education of children from birth to 5 years old. The areas covered are Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication, Language and Literacy, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Physical Development and Creative Development.


Under these six areas of learning staff provide activities that enable each child to achieve the goals and objectives appropriate to his or her individual stage of development. The children’s individual interests are observed and then developed further to extend their learning. Therefore there will be a number of different interests being developed at one time to meet the needs of individuals. 


Assessment and Evaluation

Each child has a portfolio which tracks their individual learning. The ‘Learning Story’ is commonly used to document the children’s learning within the six areas of learning. Through photographic evidence and a narrative approach the learning story documents what the children have been learning, how their learning could be extended further and links to our curriculum document.




YEAR 1 and YEAR 2


The Curriculum

The Year One (5/6) to Year Two(6/7) curriculum is broad and balanced and is modelled on a fusion of the Cambridge International Primary programme and  National Curriculum for England. All curriculum areas, including the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy are taught through an active approach, as we recognise the importance of learn through play in the early years and the need for the children to have a global perspective on every subject studied. Activity based learning and research skills at Key Stage 1 builds on the active, hands on learning approach and inquisitive mindset takes place at the Foundation Stage. It enables children to engage in a range of focused play activities and independent play based games and activities, such as role play, art , puzzles, Montessori activities and table top games.


In Year One and Year Two children are taught, Literacy, Numeracy, French, Music, PE,  ICT, Art and Design, Geography, History and Science. Valuable cross-curricular links will be made where possible to enhance children’s learning.


YEAR 3 to YEAR 6


The Curriculum


Our aim is to ensure that all the children in our care are happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. We provide an appropriate and balanced academic challenge that enables student to realise their unique potential in a supportive environment.


Our Junior School students’ curriculum is one, which provides a balanced academic challenge to all students by empowering students to take ownership and responsibility for their leaning. Children are taught to be critical thinkers and develop  a growth mindset of believing they can do better if only they try. The students engage in topic-based learning, a cross-curricular approach that integrates different subject matter with a particular area of interest. Students have daily English and Math lessons and specialist teachers for, Science, French, Physical Education, Art, Technology and Music but where possible, the learning in these subjects is also linked to the topic area for a better understanding.


Our regular end of unit assessments track student progress to ensure that every child achieves to the best of their abilities. 


At th end of Year 6, children will take the Check point Exam which is a diagnostic tool designed to assess the children at the end of their Cambridge International Primary programme.


YEAR 7-9

LOWER SECONDARY - building resilience and learning skills


Year 7 is such an important and exciting period for young people on their learning journey to the next level. First and foremost, we aim to provide our students with a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary education which comes with the fantastic adventure of focusing on skills development and course content, so that they are fully equipped with the tools to successfully complete their IGCSE and AS and A Level examinations and life beyond Eden. 


In Year 9, the students write the Cambridge Checkpoint Tests which assess the major areas of learning i.e. English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspective and ICT Starters. This  which gives the student an indication of their academic progress to date.


The Classes

The maximum number of children in each class is 18. Our small class size enables us to give each child the individual help he or she needs. Each class has a qualified and experienced teacher and a teaching assistant.


The Classrooms

Our Year 1 to  Year 6 classrooms are well equipped and displays reflect and celebrate the children’s work. They are bright and colourful and are designed to encourage reading, observation and discussion.


The Playground

The under 3’s  have a large indoor play area as well as playground outdoor. During their morning, afternoon and lunch break, the children have access to climbing and balancing equipment, field games such as football and tennis. They are supervised at all times by members of staff.


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Eden International School,

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Off Mensah Wood Street.

East Legon.

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